donatas tretjakovas
Saturday 21 October – Sunday 22 October
12:00h – 22:00h
donatas tretjakovas – Waste service booth

To question established assumptions about the position of waste in public spaces donatas tretjakovas will venture to the streets with a waste container turned a mobile service booth. The booth will offer key services and function as a selling point, a hairdresser station, a confession box and more.

donatas tretjakovas

donatas tretjakovas (1999) (LT) investigates the boundaries of morality, consciousness and the human body. His anthropomorphic practice, consisting of performance, sculpture and painting, is inspired by the overlap of animalistic primitivity and absurdity of vices, implemented in the society. He often uses raw materials, such as animal flesh, body fluids and food in his works. The choice is determined by the attraction to the polarity between dirty and sterile, alive and decomposing, ephemeral and stable. His obsession with the grotesque, drives the artist to create ironic, dark and enigmatic works, which push the spectator or participant towards the ambiguous unknown.

The Grey Space in the Middle - The Hague + Streets of The Hague
Free entrance – no reservation required