Martina Muzi
Sunday 29 October
11:00h - 12:00h
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Martina Muzi - Where to Start? A Conversation on GEO—DESIGN: JUNK.

GEO—DESIGN: JUNK – A presentation on the Exhibition All That Is Solid Melts into Trash

In 2019 Martina Muzi curated the Exhibition Geo-Design: Junk – All that is Solid Melts into Trash at the Van Abbe Museum. The Exhibition was based on the premise that junk is not an accident, some-thing unplanned or unexpected—it is a substance that has been designed. Junk is the trail that is left in the wake of growth and global trade, a product of industry, an indicator of income and social status, a material, an aesthetic. Junk is a paradox: without it, our economies would wither; on the other hand, we are literally drowning in it.
In this presentation Martina will share the process of curating this exhibition.

Martina Muzi

Martina Muzi is a designer, curator, and educator based in Rotterdam. Her work engages critically with design through its complex material logistics, its geopolitical cultures, and its effects on social formations from the family to the market, from the atelier to the school. She is the curator of the GEO—DESIGN exhibition platform and the Studio Leader of Technogeographies bachelor course at Design Academy Eindhoven. 

Central Library The Hague
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