Harpo ’t hart
Saturday 28 October
12:00h - 13:00h
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Harpo ’t hart - Listening to the North Sea - A Sensorial Approach

Listening to the North Sea - a sensorial approach

Join Harpo 't Hart, sound artist and curator at the Embassy of the North Sea, as he shows us how to listen carefully in the age of climate change. Learn how to listen to the North Sea's diverse ecosystem, from tiny phytoplankton to shipwrecks.This presentation encourages us to reconsider our connection to the environment, making room for the voices of nature.

In a world where human voices often dominate, Harpo 't Hart reminds us of the importance of hearing what the North Sea and its inhabitants have to say. Join us for an engaging exploration of listening's role in addressing climate change.

Harpo ’t hart

Harpo ’t Hart is a sound-artist and curator for the Embassy of the North Sea. In his work Harpo raises questions about the ways in which we listen to our rapidly changing environments. How do we listen in times of climate change? In his practice as an artist and curator Harpo opens up space for non-human, ecological perspectives

The Embassy of the North Sea was founded in The Hague on the first of June 2018, by the Parliament of Things. It was founded on the principle that the North Sea belongs to itself. Here, the voices of plants, animals, microbes, and people in and around the North Sea are listened to and involved. The Embassy as a collective researches how non-humans, from phytoplankton to ship wrecks to cod fish, can become full-fledged members of our society. We have plotted a route through to 2030, firstly learning to listen to the sea before we learn to speak with it. Finally, we will negotiate on behalf of the North Sea and all the life that it encapsulates.

Central Library The Hague.
Centrale Bibliotheek Den Haag This event is part of Wasteland’s LAB: Streams, a two-day program focused on waste and water. To participate, please fill in the registration form before October 16th.