Sophia Bulgakova and Cemre Deniz Kara
SUNDAY 29 October
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Sophia Bulgkova and Cemre Deniz Kara – Dinner Experience: Memories, Varenyky and Other Dumplings

To close off the festival calmly and beautifully, artists and culinary experts Sophia Bulgkova and Cemre Deniz Kara are inviting us to their very own dinner experience, "Memories, Varenyky and Other Dumplings"  - a blend of communal dinner and a storytelling workshop. During the evening, together, participants will dive into understanding their own cultures and traditions using ingredients as conversation pieces, forming and sharing their memories through communal cooking and eating practices. 

The dish of the evening will be varenyky (Ukrainian dumplings recipe) based on Sophia’s family recipe that Sophia and Cemre will introduce and invite everyone to modify, add to, reconstruct and make their own to enclose personal stories into the form of the dumpling. The shared stories will become a memory archive and live as a recipe in physical and virtual worlds. Participants will be able to contribute to an ongoing archive of the project by recording their memories and stories during the evening with 3D scans, written notes and 360-degree videos. The dinner on the 29th of October will be facilitated by Sophia Bulgakova and Cemre Deniz Kara. 

"Memories, Varenyky and Other Dumplings" event is part of an umbrella project, "The Metaphysical Tastings: Dinning on the Holodeck", which is currently being developed by Sophia Bulgakova, Leo Scarin and Cemre Kara Deniz. The project is supported by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie.

Sophia Bulgakova and Cemre Deniz Kara

Sophia Bulgakova

Sophia Bulgakova is a Ukrainian ArtScientist, interdisciplinary artist, and activist currently based in the Netherlands. Sophia works with art, technology, and contemporary social structures, focusing on the relationship between cultural identities, perception, and imagination. Sophia Bulgakova studied sculpture in Kyiv and then got a foundation diploma in Photography and Time-Based Media at the University of the Arts London in the UK. After that, she graduated from the ArtScience Interfaculty at the Royal Academy of the Art and Royal Conservatory in The Hague, the Netherlands. Her works were exhibited at Ars Electronica Festival (AT), CTM Festival (DE), Sonic Acts Festival (NL), Baltan Laboratories (NL), Mediamatic (NL), and Ningbo City Exhibition Hall (CN), among other places.

Cemre Deniz Kara

Cemre Deniz Kara is a Turkish artist, who recently graduated from the Artscience Interfaculty at The Royal Academy of Arts, in The Hague, in The Netherlands. She works with a range of mediums, from projection mapping to performances, and audio-visual experiences. Through her performances and installations, she aims to explore social and political contexts. Her current research topic is on food in a cultural context making ceramic dishwares and creating performative dining situations.

The Grey Space in the Middle - The Hague