Dragadina and Jipcat
Saturday 21 October
15:00h – 18:30h
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Dragadina and Jipcat – Design your own fashion

What stays behind, on a pile after all other clothing has been chosen again for someone, an island of discarded things, a bag, a hat, jacket, or pants, weaving, painting, create patterns, destroy and solve, wear differently, stitch, paste, sew, hammer eyes, create presents, fetish gear with old clothes, a collage of textiles, or not a fashion item but a hug for someone sweet, a pillow for your cat. What if recycling is not a boring must, but an exciting new opening, not a single dress you will wear forever but 10 dresses you can reform again and again and again until there is an end. Imagine this would be fun?

Dragadina and Jipcat


The Grey Space in the Middle