NIKOS, RipXenakis, RJM Vanderheyden
Saturday 21 October
22:00h - 02:00h
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During Wasteland's very own club night, “Streams of Sound”, we are taking over the basement of the Grey Space in the Middle and taking you on a sonic journey into the world of waste. Sound surrounds us constantly, but when does it become noise, and when is it wasted? 

This is what we are going to find out together with RipXenakis, RJM Vanderheyden and Nikos through their hypnotic sounds, ranging from live production and experimental electronics to field recordings and dynamic club selections. Creating a space to listen and dance the night away! Join us for this special night and celebrate the 2nd edition of WASTELAND: Streams of Waste.

NIKOS, RipXenakis, RJM Vanderheyden


Using playful and hypnotic sounds, Nikos likes to create and play music that encourages movement and a listening experience. In his live sets, he moves between fast polyrhythms and slower beats, bringing soft and hard sounds together, encapsulated in his first EP ‘Metaturnal’ recently released on Flippen Bits. As a producer and visual designer, he is interested in how both disciplines can complement each other, currently as an audiovisual project UMBRA. Nikos likes to organise listening events in a relaxed setting under the name of Pelagic.


Dear reader, 

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I love you reading this. I hope you understand. 

Love, RipXenakis

RJM Vanderheyden 

Interdisciplinary artist RJM Vanderheyden produces caustic electronic music under a variety of monikers. Her brazen DJ sets shift between claustrophobic noise, experimental electronics and slamming club selections. She runs the collectivist label Hunger! together with Dim Garden, with whom she performs as baglover.

The Grey Space in The Middle
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