Alice Twemlow, Sissel Marie Ton and Lucy Cordes Engelman
Sunday 29 October
15:30h - 16:30h
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Alice Twemlow, Sissel Marie Tonn and Lucy Cordes Engelman - Attuning to Other Frequencies: Speculation and Imaginaries in relation to Ocean Waste Streams 

Attuning to other frequencies: Speculation and imaginaries in relation to ocean waste streams 

Join Dr. Alice Twemlow, Lucy Cordes Engelman, and Sissel Marie Tonn in a panel discussion on “Ocean Waste Speculation and Imagination."

Alice Twemlow, Sissel Marie Ton and Lucy Cordes Engelman

Dr. Alice Twemlow 

Dr. Alice Twemlow is a Research Professor at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK) where she leads the Deep Futures research project. Before moving to Amsterdam, British-born Twemlow was based in New York where she co-founded and directed the MFA in Design Criticism and MA in Design Research, Writing & Criticism at the School of Visual Arts. She has a Ph.D in History of Design (V&A/RCA), and her book, Sifting the Trash: A History of Design Criticism, was published by MIT Press in 2017.  She is also a Professor of the History, Theory & Sociology of Visual Culture in the Faculty of Humanities at University of Amsterdam.

Lucy Cordes Engelman

Lucy Cordes Engelman is an artist based in Amsterdam, originally from Washington DC. She works with the sensorial potential of film and writing in relation to feminism and ecology as a way of reconnecting to the living earth and its seas. Subjugated and alternative knowledges that are deeply embedded in place are central to Lucy’s research-based practice, which often engages with hydrofeminism and mythology as a way to explore the shoreline between the human and non-human. Graduating with honors from the MA Artistic Research at KABK in 2019, Lucy was a participant in the Arctic Circle Residency in 2022, and has an upcoming show at LOOP Alternative Space in Seoul.

Sissel Marie Tonn

Sissel Marie Tonn is a Danish artist based in The Hague (NL). In her practice she explores the complex ways humans perceive, act upon and are entangled with their environments. Her work always returns to the question at the core of ecological thought:

Where do we perceive our bodies to end, and the environment to begin?

Sissel is fascinated by moments of awareness and shifts in perception, where the boundaries between our bodies and the surrounding environment begin to blur. Tracing and capturing these moments often result in hybrid, interactive installations and objects, where audience is invited to engage in a sensory and participatory way with the stories and data at hand. Her wearable, sculptural and performative ‘props’ are meant to challenge our pre-configured modes of perception and attention, and shed light on how our biology as well as our cultural conditions – be it artifacts, forms of knowledge, and architecture - influence the ways in which we perceive and subsequently act upon our surrounding environments.

Central Library The Hague
This event is part of Wasteland’s LAB: Streams, a two-day program focused on waste and water. To participate, please fill in the registration form before October 16th.
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